Injury Prevention in Young Athletes

A big focus is now placed on injury prevention as the best way to reduce time lost in our young athletes. Many sports in Australia have now developed specific injury prevention programs targeted to prevent the most common injury in each sport. They also have the added benefit of improving the athletic ability and performance of our young athletes. Check out this quote from the Netball Australia website on the benefit of the Netball KNEE program:


“Used effectively, the resource has the potential to reduce not only ACL injuries but all lower body injuries across all levels of netball, extending playing potential while also enhancing movement speed, efficiency and resilience.”


 The injury prevention programs developed for Australian sports include:

  • AFL:  Footy first program
  • Netball: Netball KNEE program
  • Soccer: FIFA 11+ program
  • Rugby Union: Activate program

They all have many things in common, including strengthening and neuromuscular control exercises. An injury prevention program should begin during the pre-season and continue to be completed throughout the regular season to have the best effect. These programs have been designed to be completed in a team environment at the start or end of training.

Alternatively our physio’s can develop an Individual program that is tailored to the young athlete, their chosen sport/s, goals, lifestyle and weaknesses. 

It is vitally important for coaches and parents to be on board with the injury prevention program. If you are a coach or a parent please give Pat a call to discuss the best way to implement these with your child or junior sports team. Alternatively Pat can come to your junior sports club and teach your coaches how to implement the Injury prevention program.