First Year of Life. What Should my Baby be Doing?

Why does my child need to achieve their 0-12 milestones? 

Milestones are the stepping stones to your child achieving their gross motor skills. Tummy time is a stepping stone to crawling, crawling is a stepping stone to kneeling, kneeling is a stepping stone to standing etc, etc. 

So what milestones are expected at what ages? 

The most important thing to understand with milestones, is that every child is different and will achieve each milestone at different rates. 

0-3 months 

  • Physiological Flexion (O-1 month)
  • Primitive reflexes strong 
  • Asymmetrical head lifting in prone (0-2m)
  • Maintaining head in midline (3m)


4-6 months 

  • Rolling supine to side lie/prone
  • Rolling prone to supine
  • Sitting with support
  • Take weight through their legs
  • Pushing up on elbows
  • Good head control
  • Finds feet, purposeful hip flexion
  • Pivot in prone


6-10 months 

  • Very active on belly and back
  • Trunk rotation
  • Pushing up through extended arms in prone
  • Sitting without support
  • Reaching in prone 
  • Commando crawling 
  • Transitioning between positions 
  • Crawling 
  • Pulling to stand (10m)

10-12 months 

  • Pulling to stand
  • Cruising
  • Standing independently 
  • Early stepping 
  • Climbing 

Although the above are guidelines, if your child is not reaching their milestones within a suitable time frame, please speak to your local GP, or book an appointment with us today.