6 Activities to do with your kids whilst stuck at home in isolation!

HELP! I am stuck at home with my kids for two weeks! How will I keep them busy?!

Have no fear, we have 6 fun ideas to keep you sane and the kids busy, all in the safety of your backyard… because let’s face it.. There are only so many times you can watch Frozen!

Backyard Obstacle course

This is a great gross motor activity that works on balance, coordination, strength and motor planning, whilst keeping the whole family entertained! You can make it a ninja warrior course, or add some friendly competition by making it a race against siblings. 

Some obstacles could be:

  • Crawling under brooms or sheets hung on chairs
  • Running through tyres or ladder rungs 
  • Crawling over large cushions
  • Balancing on a balance beam 
  • Jumping over hurdles
  • Throwing bean bags in buckets

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts always excite kids! Make a map of your home and backyard and mark spots for ‘treasures’ that the kids then have to find! For older children, you can add clues to your treasure hunt!


Just because you can’t travel to your favourite beach camping spot, doesn’t mean you can’t camp at all! If your kids are experiencing cabin fever, pitch a tent outside (or inside) and spend the night outside with torches, looking at the stars! This change of scenery will keep the kids entertained, just don’t forget the mozzie spray!

Make your own playdough

Kids love playdough! It gets their imaginations flowing and also works their fine motor skills. So why not let them be a part of the making process too and make your very own playdough. The best part is, the ingredients are your typical pantry staples! The kids can choose their own colours which will keep them engaged. 

Here is an easy recipe


Cosmic kids yoga 

I discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga when I was looking for a way to implement some yoga and pilates into my physio sessions. I am passionate about my therapy being fun and play based, and Cosmic Yoga was just that! It then became a staple daily activity for my nieces and nephews during the lockdowns over the last 2 years! 

Cosmic Kids use stories, role-play and a good portion of silliness to make yoga and mindfulness fun for kids. They encourage kids to move and stretch their bodies – all whilst incoroprating breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques along the way.


Balloon Volleyball

You got a balloon, you got a game! Balloon volleyball is such a simple, easy game that is fun, cheap AND great for gross motor skills. It helps with balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking and ball skills!  

The objective of the game is to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible, taking it in turns with your partner to hit it.